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Shop Scan Go adds extra features onto Salon Spa Go. This product, in conjunction with its mobile app, automatically identifies key markers of the sales process for each individual customer: entry to a salon or spa, scan a product code with discounts and rewards applied, interim status, payment  occurrence, departure and remote re-ordering. The app integrates to a cloud-based, PCI-compliant, EMV-certified Point of Sale system. Further, the system offers numerous other applications for booking and scheduling clients, inventory, ordering, accounting, advertising, loyalty and franchise management. ​

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Salon Spa Go


Salons and Spas populate most shopping malls. Often there are many within  blocks of each other competing for the same business. Patrons' needs for these services vary from day to day. Thus, loading factors for salons and spas are cyclical.

Many establishments offer an umbrella environment in which independent operators sublet space and bill their customers directly. Often this causes confusion, as  management is unable to view all transaction history within the store.

​Products sold in salons and spas often are secondary revenue sources that are not promoted effectively.


Salon Spa Go solves the variable loading factors issue by posting real time offers, incentives and notices based on location to an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The app includes Gift to Another for merchants and consumers to send to clients and friends respectively.

Further, numerous payment methods are offered so establishments with independent operators can manage their own billing requirements, and all transactions are observable by management. Additionally, a secure one-to-one payment method called INVpay is also included in the app. This feature allows the technician to upsell and create a personalized invoice to the client that is retained in the history section of their iPhone.

Additionally, most salons and spas sell products. Salon Spa Go allows consumers to self-checkout using the barcode scan and payment option in the mobile app.